Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday 18th day

Father Christmas night light
Somehow without a candle inside this looks daft, but pop a lighted candle inside and it glows.  I always bring it out and light a candle when I decorate the tree, its an old custom of mine.  So yes, the tree is done and that's why I'm so late with the blog.  This year I went for a colour scheme of white, cream, silver and gold.

Meanwhile, this morning I found a video on yahoo which shows how to wrap properly.  Wish I had seen this years ago.  My DH is brilliant at wrapping stuff but then he has run a mail order business for 30 years, so has plenty of experience. I can't even get the brown tape to go on without creases but he does and the corners of his parcels are perfection. They even admire his handiwork down at the local post office.....So this year I am going to improve my wrapping.  Click on the link below if you want to look at the webpage with the video too.

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