Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cold and wet but warm inside

All wrapped up!
Well nearly - I am still waiting for a delivery and then hopefully tomorrow this parcel of goodies will 'cross the pond' and be on its way.  I have to be careful to wrap stuff properly when it gets to this time of year because DD reads my blog  :-)

There is nothing worse than having to sit in and wait for a parcel to arrive is there?  I would love to walk Bella or do something else but no, I am waiting and trying to get on with other jobs but somehow its not my full attention being applied. At least we don't have to cook dinner because we are going out to the tennis club Christmas dinner tonight. Sounds grandeous but it is not, just a few of the regular players who make an effort to get together but would you believe it; they are having a committee meeting first!  What a way to put a damper on an evening. Anyway, at least I am not a member so don't have to attend the boring bit.  So until tomorrow then.

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Miriam Weaver said...

I hate having to wait in for the parcels to arrive, they say delivery between 8&2 so your up and ready waiting & waiting and at 1.55 there's a knock on the door!!!! Mind you the alternative of trawling around the shops at this time of year sends a shiver down my spine. Have a lovely evening!!!!