Thursday, 21 June 2012

EG workshop today

Many thanks to Lesley for her excellent workshop today on making boxes quickly using the sewing machine and pelmet vilene.  It was very easy to do because she had cut out all the pieces ready for us so it saved time.  As you can see I did not quite finish mine and I chose very bright cotton for the outside of the box with a subdued inner. I outlined the pieces with some aqua green knitted tape stuff.  I am not sure what it is called or supposed to be used for but it worked well on this project.
Part finished box
I used a Madeira glitter in green to zig zag the edges too.  Anyway, it was good to chill out and listen to the chatter from our friendly group of EG ladies and to catch up with the latest news.  I have to go now as I still need to get back to the jacket and the hat.......

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


The linen needs a good press now
I have just about done it all apart from the sleeve length which I am a bit undecided about so I am having a few days thinking.  The bow is not something I am good at tying (never have been) it always comes out crooked when I tie one. Is there a special way of doing it? I put an insert of black lace around the neck because I want to wear it with a black lace pencil skirt so thought it might help.  I did think my pearls would go around my neck. The mark on the right is natural and its all part of the linen so I don't mind it, there is another smaller one on the back too. Linen does seem to be very fashionable this summer, but I need to think of ways to stop it creasing so much.......

I still don't have much idea for a hat, but made some silk paper today so you never know something might spark in my brain..........

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Update on the jacket

The jacket is progressing faster than I could have hoped for.  I decided to line it of course because it will hang better and I don't like unlined jackets at all. So I just found some cream lining material for the sleeves and back which won't show but chose some matching silk for the front sides.  It's actually a very good match colourwise but the camera has given everything a yellow hue because its in artificial light tonight. So I hope to post some daylight photos to show you the real colours....
Just slipped the lining inside to test it
 I am not too sure about the amount of neck I will be showing, so I am probably going to give it some black lace around the neckline, or maybe some more of the silk, not sure at this stage, but I am having lots of fun playing with the options in my minds eye at the moment.  I keep waking up in bed with new ideas in the mornings, am I the only person on the planet who thinks in their sleep about dressmaking?
How it's shown in the Japanese book
Hatwise I am still experimenting with ideas, but I am making some slower progress there I think. Anyway, tomorrow I am doing the Fairfield Horseshoe with DH and some clients so I won't be in a fit state to sew anything tomorrow night; I just hope the weather is better than today when it poured down.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dressmaking for a change

Pity the poor dressmaker who lives in Keswick home of the great outdoors and every type of mountaineering equipment shop you can imagine.  We have one knitting shop or 'knitty norahs' as my DH likes to call it. So I found myself in there looking for black lace and this is all there was.  It might do otherwise I have to drive 20 miles to the nearest shop just to buy a bit of lace......
Snubby cream linen and black lace?
This pattern was given to me by my DD and it is in Japanese so I am hoping I have it sussed. If not I know a very good interpreter who lives in Japan.....
First jacket I have made in ages
It has to be made for a family wedding I am going to at the end of the month, so wish me luck. I hope it works otherwise I am going to be stuck for what to wear. I have this idea about a hat too.  In my distant youth, when I was a teenager, I used to try on hats in the local department store during my lunch break, since then I have not had much chance. My head is small too which makes it difficult to find any that fit properly. Still I might be able to knock up something if I can just settle down to this project first. Looking on the internet at hats, there is plenty of inspiration to be had. DH has been teasing me with comments about 'fruit salad' on my head.....