Saturday, 16 June 2012

Update on the jacket

The jacket is progressing faster than I could have hoped for.  I decided to line it of course because it will hang better and I don't like unlined jackets at all. So I just found some cream lining material for the sleeves and back which won't show but chose some matching silk for the front sides.  It's actually a very good match colourwise but the camera has given everything a yellow hue because its in artificial light tonight. So I hope to post some daylight photos to show you the real colours....
Just slipped the lining inside to test it
 I am not too sure about the amount of neck I will be showing, so I am probably going to give it some black lace around the neckline, or maybe some more of the silk, not sure at this stage, but I am having lots of fun playing with the options in my minds eye at the moment.  I keep waking up in bed with new ideas in the mornings, am I the only person on the planet who thinks in their sleep about dressmaking?
How it's shown in the Japanese book
Hatwise I am still experimenting with ideas, but I am making some slower progress there I think. Anyway, tomorrow I am doing the Fairfield Horseshoe with DH and some clients so I won't be in a fit state to sew anything tomorrow night; I just hope the weather is better than today when it poured down.

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