Friday, 10 February 2017

New quilt underway


A Medallion Quilt
I am busy trying out different effects with fabrics which I hope will make an interesting antique looking medallion quilt.  I have made quilts with a central theme before but they were for the Linus Project and were donated by me to that charity.  So this one is for me and I want to try and quilt it in the Welsh style and that seemed to support the idea of a central motif.  Of course I mean to machine quilt it, but I don't see why it should not still look Welsh.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Night Owls

I managed to photograph the new quilt in my conservatory as it is so large.  I had my DH helping me with holding it up one end on a chair...
I used some Japanese owl fabric in the small sashing squares and elsewhere hence the name.

So now it is finished I might be able to sit back and enjoy it, as it certainly took a long time to make.  It was an idea put forward during a meeting of a quilt group I go to in Penrith about two years ago.  So we all bought Lyn Edwards' book on Sampler Quilts version 2 and were supposed to make one block a month.  I left it for several months before I realised I had not made a single block and they were on about number seven.  So I switched up a gear and made some.  It's a mixture of hand and machine piecing which was a challenge at times.  Eventually I finished about twelve blocks and then had a look at the block choices remaining and did not like some of them. Luckily I did have a couple of Susan Briscoe books and turned to her Japanese blocks for inspiration.  I think they were 9 inch and I had to size them up on my HP printer to about 12 inch. Anyway, I chose all appliqué as I preferred those designs and thought I had done enough complicated piecing! So those of you with an eagle eye can see if you can spot which blocks are Susan's.  A clue; there are five.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Long time away

Well it has been a long time since I visited this blog, but I had a long long visit from my DD who I had not seen for 5 years and when she left in late May there were holidays and work and somehow the summer went into autumn.  Anyhow, I have at last finished the Sampler Quilt which I must have started over two years ago, it took so long to do!  At the moment I don't have many good photos of it so I am going to post just the odd one if I can find it.

Still quilting but on the last pieces
I moved my sewing table into a small bedroom at the front of the house and I was surprised that everything managed to fit into such a confined space.  I actually like it up there because I had to be very selective about what went where and that has made it easy for me to put my hand to anything I need.  I bought a new swivel chair too and its also compact but works well in the space.

Nearly finished, just the edges to do.

I tried it on the spare bed and it looked ok so this was before I finished the edges and removed all of the blue marker lines with cold water.  I will need a good day to photograph it and also need to put a hanging sleeve on it too and of course the label which is ready but not sewn on yet. Hopefully I will post again later this week.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

At last the blocks are done

I started a sampler quilt with Cumbria Patchworkers some time in 2014 as they wanted to do a block a month.  This was challenging and not my usual way of working on a quilt which I prefer to start and finish.... However, I did persevere and now might be able to work it to a finish.  This has been a long haul for me as I prefer to work much faster and by machine not including a lot of hand piecing and foundation piecing too.  I am not complaining as I have learnt a lot but I also know some areas of quilting are not interesting enough to grab my attention for long.  So making a pineapple with fp looked like a no no way back in the autumn of 2014, however I did it.

The first block which sat around for months before it had the border added and the papers removed.

Monday, 17 August 2015

A busy week

It has been a week for concentrating on the many jobs I needed to do, sorting out the Banks, doing a bit in the garden and helping DH as we have finally been able to contemplate retirement from our business. So lots happening.  My desk shot was an attempt to convey calm at the beginning of the week and this little lad is called Bailey and he is made of mohair, and is so cute.  Not as cute as Bella our real Border Terrier but she can't sit on my desk ... I love my mug too but I had two, one had a wee field mouse on it and I broke it a couple of months ago, dropped it in the greenhouse and that floor is paving slabs, you can guess the rest.

Now this is something I am really proud of. I Grew this little beauty from a cutting last summer and this bloom is simply huge.  Those petals at the bottom are about as big as they can get.  I think I will need to reach for the tape measure tomorrow and just see how big they really are. I know this one is a Niger variety because the stems (which you can't see in the photo are black).  I looked it up on Google and was not sure how it would turn out, blue or pink or in between?  But as you see it is stunningly pink and I am so pleased because that is what I wanted.

The book I ordered (Diane Gaudynski's classic 'Guide to Machine Quilting') arrived sooner than I expected and it was in mint condition which surprised me because it came from ABE books.  I only paid £13.13p for the book and delivery so I was very pleased.  Also it is not dated at all despite being in it's 9th reprint.  It explains everything I have needed to know and not had answers to for the last ten years.  Why I did not buy it before I cannot imagine because I have had so many light bulbs moments since it arrived on Saturday.  Anyway, I thought best start immediately and put these tips and ideas into motion so I prepared some samples to quilt and away I went.  Below you see the results, this may not look much, but believe me I am improving.  The second photo gives you a better idea of the scale, and yes the fabric is custard yellow, and not a trick of the electric lights.  I am only about half way through the book so I must keep reading and practising.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Festival of Quilts 2015 - In The Spotlight

I have a quilt in the exhibition called 'In The Spotlight' which is a small gallery showing up and coming quilters at the show and it is not part of the competitions so it is not judged at all.  Trouble is that not all the quilters are up and coming, some are well known and it is stretching the term a bit.... I will say no more.

Anyway, this is the first time I have ever had a quilt put up at a major show and so I thought I would post a photo of it.  This is the one I took at home because the show organisers have put a spotlight shining onto the middle of the quilt and I think it is too bright so the photo of it I took at the show is not as good as this one I took in my spare bedroom at home.  The theme we were given was "Adventures in Wonderland" to celebrate 150 years of the Alice in Wonderland book by Lewis Carroll.  I liked the rabbit because of its heart heraldry.  I think if you look closely you will see I have tried to inject some humour into the theme.  I am pleased with the quilt but think I should have quilted the background, so I ordered Diane Gaudynski's book called 'Guide to Machine Quilting' just now because I think it will inspire me.  When I receive the quilt back I may have another fiddle with it.  After all, I am an up and coming quilter and I am still learning.