Sunday, 16 April 2017

Finished and plants added

The safety glass is in place
So this was the scene yesterday before I put some plants inside as the weather in Cumbria over the Easter week is set to be quite cold at night, there could even be a frost for all I know.

It must be warm inside as the glass is misting up
So I added some fuchsias which I bought on a trip to Trefriw last spring.
Roualeyn Nursery
North Wales
LL27 0SX

They are the best growers of these wonderful plants that I know. My favourite has to be Garden News it just bloomed all summer on the patio outside my new conservatory, superb.

Hardy Fuchsia 'Garden News'
Well its pouring with rain today, so I think I will do some more on my quilt.

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