Sunday, 28 April 2013

No room at the quilters

I did not think there would be enough room at the Cumbria Patchworkers workshop last week for 17 of us to make these convergence quilts, so I went it alone with some ideas I picked up from looking at photos on the internet and this is the result.  I seem to recall a similar way of adjusting pictures years ago in a basic design book by Maurice De Sausmarez.

The idea was to cut the photo into strips and rearrange it in many different forms to give a different view. The same happens with this quilt, so it's not a new idea.

I made most of the fabric myself because I wanted a particular look. Basically, I had the black fabric with the sharply defined lines and I made the green, orange and yellow fabric by painting on white Egyptian cotton with silk paints, then heat setting it with an iron.

I am still working on the colourful quilt but have not had time to photograph it, but the corners worked out ok and so has the rest of it. I dug out another quilt too which had been around too long waiting to be quilted, its under my Bernina as I type.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Slowing down for the corners

I know my last post said it was going fast, but I had not properly worked out the corners for my quilt as I decided I would make them up as I went along. So it is progressing but taking a little longer than I anticipated.

Meanwhile, I discovered that at Cumbria Patchworkers next week we are making a convergence quilt, so I did some research and found this

I assume we will be making something similar. 

I also sewed a small bandana for Bella earlier this week.  She is a 'tweeting' border terrier so she has a number of pals who keep in touch and they are now in a special group called the #BTposse


 I nearly forgot to mention that my 'Wainwright Quilt' will be exhibited again this year, this time its off to the Loch Lomond Quilt Show 15th - 18th May, check out their website

Monday, 1 April 2013

Colour me brightly

Untidy desktop
Yes it is very untidy, rather like the garden with all this cold weather, but I have high hopes it will make a good quilt which will keep us warm for a few years to come.

I have had this flowery white background fabric for some years now and it was once used for a year as bathroom curtains, then we moved house.  They have been lurking in the bedroom chest of drawers waiting their chance, and here it is.  A friend who came back last week from the States was the donor when he left for Colorado 14 years ago. He is now firmly back on English soil.  His return prompted me to look at the material I had been given again and then I found the curtains, well it does not take much for me to dash down to my small stash and start playing.......

I will post later when the quilt top is finished which is going together quite fast....