Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Keswick shop window

Union Jack Crinoline
This is a fabulous dress!  Every time I passed Textures I meant to photograph it but only today did I remember to pack the camera.  Keswick does have some lovely window displays at this time of year as it is a major holiday destination so they really try hard to put on an impressive delight for all the tourists.

Its really a shop selling curtain fabric not dress making stuff so I am not sure what they have made the dress in.  I need to go in there next week for some supplies so with any luck I will ask if I can have a closer view. If a pattern was used I will try and find out which one it was.

Tonight I am baking something for our Quilters get together tomorrow and if all goes well I will give you the recipe tomorrow but you will have to wait and see as this is entirely dependent on a good result........


Miriam Weaver said...

What a lovely window display. Looking forward to see what you are making. The quilting group I go to are having their Christmas get together tomorrow, only shop bought mince pies I'm afraid!

Lyn Armstrong said...

I shall have to show you a photo of the table laden with food then.