Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cumbria Patchworkers Christmas do

My buffet sausage rolls
I made these last night and we had a couple of them warm and they were really good, I can't say that they ever taste as good once they are cold.  My fault, I should have asked our hostess to warm them up again and then they would have been at their best. I can post the recipe if you want it, just let me know.
Table decorations thanks to Gloria, wonderful
This was our magnificent spread for our lunch to be shared between 13 of us, but I am pleased to report that the plates were emptied.  Some of the cakes are off camera to the right. Just realised that quite a lot more plates of food were added after I took the photo, the table was packed.
A forest of trees
We sat and made these little trees from circles of fabric which diminished in size and were skewered on a bamboo stick which was stuck into an old cotton reel. The angels on the top came all the way from a little shop in Poland and were especially sought out by Marion, so thank you for going to the trouble and especially as you had a bad backache that day! We made more trees than this but they sneaked off somewhere.
We exchanged mug rugs
Lastly, our gift this year was a mug rug for our frequent sewing breaks.  To be honest they looked too good to put a mug down on leaving a nasty brown ring, so most of them had been given very colourful backs to take the stains....very thoughtful. They were supposed to be 6" x 9" but as you can see a certain amount of licence abounded amongst the creators.

We had a great day despite the appalling weather (sleet and snow) and thanks very much for all who attended and sorry that quite a few of you had to miss it.  I will be emailing out the photos but as I don't have an email for Liz our secretary I wonder if anyone can let me have it.  If I don't hear from you I shall send them onto Pat whose email I do have.


Miriam Weaver said...

The food does look good, especially your sausage rolls. The mug mats are such a lovely idea.I'm of to a shared lunch on Friday, second one this week, I took a quiche on Tuesday, Friday it's an apricot tart all shop bought I'm afraid!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Well I was tempted to pop into the shops and buy mine....It's finding time to do everything at this time of year which I find difficult.