Sunday, 11 December 2011

Homemade cards

Card design Sally Evans
I do love to receive home made presents and cards and I also enjoy making them myself.  This card for instance is charming and so easy to make although you do need to buy the commercial backing card.  The tree is very simple but effective and the stuck on sequins bring it to life, although I would have added a star at the top, I might do that actually!  And what about a couple of presents at the bottom?

I have still to decide on our home made card for this year but it will have to be soon as today is the 11th I see which means only two weeks to go.  But one can achieve a lot in two weeks.  Meanwhile, I am still making silk paper ornaments for the tree which is sitting comfortably in its bucket of water outside under the covered way, so its fine and I keep topping up its water so it gets a good drink and retains those needles.

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