Friday, 9 December 2011

Put a cuppa on - Christmas past food

I have been so busy sewing of late that thoughts of Christmas food and baking have been kept on the back boiler so to speak.  So in an attempt to show you something new and of interest at this time of year I thought you might like to meet a food historian, but not an ordinary one. I first met Ivan Day at least 35 years ago at the house of a friend and he struck me as an individual character with a great interest in art but I did not realise he also loved good food and historic good food too. We kept bumping into each other over the years and then the last time must have been about three years ago when we were in Carlisle for the day. Ivan was in a hurry but did manage to say he was making a programme for the television on historic food and gave me his website address.  I had a good look and thought it all very interesting but when I looked recently he had also started a blog, now that's more like it I thought, so for your delectation I offer you his two url's, I hope you enjoy, but I warn you the food looks magnificent and you might need to make a cuppa and put your feet up whilst you browse for quite some time.

Ivan's blog

Ivan's website

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