Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 3 Advent Challenge and breaking the rules guidelines

Well today was supposed to be a day out on the hills but we had enough trouble last Saturday getting the car up the country lane to Seathwaite, (4 guys had to push us) so when we saw how the temperature was due to plummet to -10% c overnight with more snow coming in from the West this time across the Irish Sea, we decided to stay at home. It's sometimes not worth the hassle and it looks like being a much better day on Sunday, so we have pencilled it in instead. I am baking bread and have plenty to do, mind I am hovering about trying to photograph a robin on the bird table and it's not easy. This is for you dear reader, coz I am doing this challenge thingy I thought Advent must have a robin in it somewhere......I am really trying to look after a few wee birds at the mo which are coming down to feed by one of my 3 big apple trees. I am so lucky to have mature apple trees in my garden; you can't have a garden without an apple tree can you?

Just a tick he's back, camera time again. Damn, missed him.

Anyway, yesterday's White Stuff purchase, well you didn't really expect me to not buy something did you? It went very well, in fact, it was splendid. I used to have a favourite skirt which was a simple black little number but looked gorgeous, like they do.  However, it had one drawback, an elasticated waistband, now you know what that means, never buy a skirt with an elasticated waistband or you will expand............So always break rules like that and you will be happier. This skirt is called Diamonds.....who could resist it and cheaper than the real ones.

Not too short as it just floats on my knee and it has even got a lining....very simple style but this type really suits me.

Oh no, a huge wood pigeon has landed on the bird table and its stuffing itself.......


Dragonfly said...

I had a tiny spend up in White Stuff yesterday - they extended the 20% til next Friday (apparently because of the snow...!) I bought dresses... That don't have waistbands ; )

And why are robins SO difficult to photograph?

Lyn Armstrong said...

I don't know why this Robin is proving elusive....but I am waiting for my moment. I did get a shot of a Blue Tit but it's so tiny you can hardly see it.
What do you mean tiny spend up? with dresses in the plural? I am getting jealous again.