Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 14 Advent Challenge - rest and be thankful

Yes, that's what I did all day.  I took time off after the exertions of the whole weekend on that 16 hour course. I needed to re charge the batteries so I read my current book by Jenny Uglow, 'A Gambling Man' her work on Charles 2nd. I did study the English Civil War and its aftermath with Professor Austen Woolrych at Lancaster so I have a fair number of academic tomes on the subject. However, I have not dipped my toes into this water for some time and DH had bought this book in the Autumn and enjoyed it so I picked it up last week and became engrossed too. The good thing about studying history now a days is of course the internet. As soon as you come across a new character you can quickly look them up and even Google for images of their portraits. I did spend at least an hour looking at Sir Peter Lely portraits this afternoon which was enchanting. I love the sleepy eyed beauties he painted in the style of Barbara Villiers one of the King's notorious mistresses. The little snowflake candle charm by the way was picked up in Keswick last Christmas and goes round and round for hours when you light a candle under it, rather like I have been doing on the internet today looking up all the characters in the book.

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