Monday, 27 December 2010

Birdfeeder Battle! - More Nyger seed is the answer

Well this morning, 2 more Lesser Redpolls arrived, which now makes 4 and then 4 Siskins turned up.  All of them at the one Nyger seed feeder designed for a cosy pair......So after the inevitable tussles and wing displays and seeing each other off I darted out and took another feeder to them full of Nyger seed. I am now hoping they all settle down.  I was not able to photograph this as it's still snowy slush outside so was not in the mood for cameras too.  So the moral of this tale is if you want to attract Lesser Redpolls which are on the red endangered list then get in some Nyger seed, it's little black seeds, they don't feed on anything else at all. Lesser Redpolls it says on the RSPB site are often seen in flocks with Siskins, so I suppose my breeding pair of Redpolls were invaded this morning by a marauding flock. Anyway, I don't mind as long as they are all fed. Phew................ I am going to do some reading of the 5 books DH gave me for Christmas, he spoilt me with some new waterproof warm Gortex gloves too as I had been complaining about cold hands on the last two mountains I was up. Deliberate on my part I have to add ;-) because he had invested in a pair of waterproof gloves last month.


BilboWaggins said...

Will add Nyger to the list for my next delivery from Birds' Bistro. Even if I don't get Redpolls I am sure it won't go to waste.

Lyn Armstrong said...

An hour after I put up the 2nd Nyger feeder, I suddenly thought I saw more Redpolls, when I counted there were 8 of them battling over the 2 feeders......I have since noted from RSPB site that they pair up early winter so I should have 4 pairs now to feed, and if the 4 Siskins come back I shall need a trip to Podgy Paws who does big bags of the stuff.