Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 2 Advent Challenge and the nature of jealousy

Well the few photos of the George Hotel - Tennis Club Dinner were fairly blurred... must have been the plonk and it was not even my fault as the camera was passed onto others too......So they can't go on the blog as I do have some standards to keep up.  Which leaves me with a slight dilemma, however, this afternoon will be the usual doggie walk for Bella and I might just pop into White Stuff for a sniff about as they have offered me wine and nibbles and 20% off for one day only.

I am quite a regular customer since I discovered about 5 years ago that some of their things a) fit me and b) seem to suit me and as I was driving back from Booths Supermarket this morning after posting DD's parcel off I saw at least 2 ladies of a similar age to myself trudging up through the snow with a White Stuff carrier clutched in their grubby paws.......jealousy set in....You know before I saw them with their carrier bags I had managed to convince myself that going into White Stuff for a third time this week might be seen as obsessive behaviour by the shop assistants. But once I saw the carrier bags I changed my mind and also my neighbour's daughter works in there so why not... I will let you know later how this irresistible pull of gravity towards White Stuff was overcome or indeed succumbed to. But the photo below shows the purchase I just had to make earlier in the week and they are lovely and warm when worn over the top of my silk gloves which I usually use inside my outer gloves when I am out hiking on the hills. These little mitteny thingys are just for shopping trips and things like walking Bella in the park I wouldn't dream of wearing them to go up Scafell Pike.....

Why do I hear you ask? Well other Mountain Leaders might think I am turning into a softy and after all I am married to one too so he might make disparaging remarks. No these little 'girly' pleasures have to be kept off the hills. We are going out tomorrow and he has bought himself another set of crampons, yes I know that now makes three sets he owns.

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