Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Beavering away and I finally chose a new book with my EG prize.

Yes, I have a quilt related project on the go, and it is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. No photographs yet because there is not much to see. I had to do a bit of research first and I found that made me want to go to Scotland again. Hopefully, I won't have to wait too long because we may be able to grab a couple of days away in October.

The good news is that the wadding I used in my last quilt (Mathilda's own) is proving to be very warm and light as I have been using the quilt on our bed for a couple of weeks now. I usually wake up a bit too warm. I found it very easy to manipulate under the sewing machine too so that was another plus. Its just as well really because I bought enough to make 3 quilts.

I finally chose a book to purchase with my Embroiderers' Guild £20 I won way back in Spring 09. Its called Crazy Quilting and its by J. Marsha Michler.  The reason I wanted it is because it does contain loads of hand embroidery stitches which are a bit unusual and they can all be applied to quilts. Also she does give loads of ideas about making quilts from scraps in a different and refreshing manner.  You don't have to make a crazy quilt using her techniques either. Lastly, she covers making flowers with silk ribbon embroidery and it is something I have wanted to try out. So I feel as if I have 3 books in one and also it is a spiral book with a hard cover and not too large to tote (5½ x 7½ inches) about to the EG for when I need inspiration!

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