Sunday, 3 October 2010

Progress on the project

I did manage to do some sewing earlier in the week before I was given all sorts of printing jobs to do this weekend and I still have one left to do later today, Sunday. I never seem to be off the computer nowadays but its usually work related. So getting back to the point of this posting, this is a photo of the work in progress so that I can keep a record of it. I am not sure if the colours are being represented well though because I think they are showing up as too bright on the screen. Anyway, they are supposed to be more restful so now you know. 

Speaking of which I decided also to take at turn at being 'Domestic Goddess' over lunch today, meaning I not only cooked some spicy lentil soup but made mini cheese scones to go with it. Again I am not sure if these shots are perfect.

You will note that I use my Remoska instead of an oven nearly all the time if I can as it saves loads of electricity and is fun and quick too. Anyway, they seemed to be enjoyed over lunch and Bella had some small pieces spread with Lurpak. She is really a fussy eater for a Border Terrier as she insists on small morsels to tempt her as opposed to being a wolf.....The good thing about me doing lunch though is that DH gets to do the dinner tonight....ha ha.  His spag has really improved recently since I had the glut of tomatoes because he started to skin the toms and use them instead of passata and the difference is amazing, you should try it.  I did make some notes of the recipe (his own) last week so I might post it here later.  Meanwhile, I think it might be an idea to give Bella a walk into town to buy some more paper for the printing I have still to do today. I know its Sunday, but that does not mean a thing in this house, it still counts as a work day.

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