Saturday, 16 October 2010

Steaming ahead

But not with the quilt, oh no, this was real steam, as in steam locomotive railway engines.

Bella and I took a ride on the railway used for filming 'The Railway Children' film last Sunday deep in Yorkshire Bronte country. This was our transport arriving at the station.

The next shot is our destination, Oakworth Station which was the station used in the film. So if you want a similar experience then go here for information provided by wikipedia

Bella and I went for a 5 mile walk around the area once we disembarked from the train, I cannot say it was a wonderful walk because Yorkshire is not the Lake District but it was muddy and scenic..... with the frequent noise of the trains trundling along in the valley below us. However, we were glad to make it up a real Scottish hill later in the week when we went to Spean Bridge near Fort William and then drove up Loch Arkaig to remote and lonely Glen Dessary, a really wild spot. See my other blog for details.

We did go on another train later in the week and it was the famous 'Jacobite' from Fort William to Mallaig; now this is one of the best train journeys in the world. Here is the 'Black 5' waiting at the platform in Fort William ready to begin the 84 mile return journey to Mallaig.

This journey was made even more famous because it was included in a Harry Potter film (Philosopher's Stone?) where a steam train goes over a wonderful viaduct with 21 arches, it is called The Glenfinnan Viaduct and is a superb example of railway engineering by Sir Robert McAlpine.

Anyway, it is not to be missed, so if you find yourself on holiday in Scotland and can fit it in, go to Fort William and take the train to Mallaig, you will not regret it. Better still keep it for a special day and book a First Class seat where you will receive complimentary tea and scones for two.

This journey is a classic and comes highly recommended by Bella as it is dog friendly, all the staff are wonderful and you even get to stop at Glenfinnan for half an hour on the way.


Rosalind said...

Would you believe we used to live at Locheil Centre right next to the Fort William/Mallaig line? Not only that we spent a weekend in a bothy up Glen Dessary just before our first child was born!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Fabulous Rosalind, I saw that bothy from way up on the coll coming down off Sgurr Mor, it had an old ruined building to the left of it if it was the same one. I will put more photos and a report of that trip on my other blog. Thanks for sharing those memories with us, I hope you had a comfy night's sleep in that bothy!

Rosalind said...

At eight months gone in October it was pretty cool and hard to sleep---------but the scenery made up for it!

Lyn Armstrong said...

I bet it was hard to sleep, we usually sleep in a small mountain tent when we stay out overnight in a glen; never resorted to a bothy yet, but would if we had to. We usually take a look inside them out of curiosity and some are quite inviting.