Saturday, 18 September 2010

Recipe for Cumberland Sausage Rolls Plus...

I have not put a recipe on this blog for so long that I am feeling guilty, so I decided to have a change and put on a special.

Well actually its one of our chefs from Keswick, Cumbria where I live. His name is Peter Sidwell and he has just been given a tv series called  'The Lakes on a Plate'.  This is the link to the proggy.

But be aware that this is about 25 minutes long because the proggy is not just recipes for sausage rolls, soup, and calzone but a little bit of history about The Lakes too and stunning photography.  You will see Peter go up one of the guided walks which I do as a Mountain Leader and its called Haystacks. It was a favourite of Alfred Wainwright who is one of my heroes.

As it is broadcast on channel4 it does contain some adverts but that is a small intrusion on an otherwise good programme. I hope you enjoy it. One other thing it is only available to view for about another 24 days so if you want to see it don't hang about.

If you just want the sausage rolls recipe try here

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dutch sisters said...

Thanks for the link...I'm going to take a look right now!