Sunday, 5 September 2010

A new camera

This is my first attempt at using a new camera we bought recently for close up images.  I am quite pleased with the result, because it's not easy to photograph a Red Admiral butterfly.  The camera is another Fuji like our other one and it's the FinePix F80 exr.  We chose it because it's a lightweight but powerful one so it's not heavy in the rucksack for our mountain photography but it will still do very good closeups when required for our other interests. The downside is learning how to get the best from it......

This next shot is under two spotlights plus flash and its the back of the quilt I am making. I need to spend more time playing with this camera but also need to finish the quilt, so at the moment I am experimenting with both stitches and lighting. This quilt has a plain cream back but the camera is adding a touch of drama! Anyway, I am hiking again tomorrow and the next day so I can't play anymore today.

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Alice said...

I like them twiddly things on the back of the quilt!