Saturday, 4 July 2009

More squares

I really do need to make more time for embroidery. The days are longer but the garden beckons all the time and the number of jobs to be done seems to grow rather than diminish. Right now I know I should be trimming hedges not blogging but hey its my life. So since I do not seem to have a moment to sit infront of my beloved Bernina, I am indulging on my new laptop instead.

Anyway, you have not seen some of the squares we made for the Rainbow Project. I do have a few here now and its only days until they will wing their way to Summer School somehow or other, (I am still trying to find someone local who is going as I object to burning fuel in my car unless it is necessary). Failing that there is the good old postal service.

So first up we have a fetching number consisting of a rather enebriated rabbit or is it a tipsy hare? You can guess.

This next one is much more restrained, infact it is a posy or bouquet of flowers. What they would call in the florists a 'hand tied bunch'.

We have more flowers next but these look like long and short stitch in crewel work to me.

These are the real thing and just a change from all that blue on blue theme.

I grow these every year in my greenhouse usually as they are so very special to me because my Mother gave me the bulbs which she brought back with her from Guernsey. She called them Guernsey lillies but of course they are Nerine. I have kept them going for many years in her memory and would never enjoy the late summer so much if I did not look forward to them flowering. This was taken in my old greenhouse last summer.

I am anticipating an even bigger group of them this year as they have been through a few doubtful years when not many of the bulbs flowered but this year they seem to be looking happier. But back to the squares. This one is a frilly confecton with a purple sparkly butterfly settling in amongst the petals, no doubt to lay some caterpillars which will start eating them. (I had to evict some earlier today from my brocolli.)

Next is an amazing appliqué bunch of flowers, and I have included it for Melanie who needs to see more of this type of embroidery so she can learn how to do it. So this is for you..M I hope you like it.

Lastly, here is another one for M, this one was very quickly made by me using old bits of underwear....I know girls old knickers and things, really shocking but you see they had blue flowers on the lace and they were too good to waste. I dyed the lace for the arch with some yellow and pink silk fabric paint and then dabbed it with a paper towel to make it blend a bit. Then applied the cut out blue flowers as if they were growing up the arch in the garden and lastly added a few bluish green leaves in a muted style so they would not stand out too much.

Well I do have many more squares but perhaps I have exhausted the subject..If you want to see more please let me know and I will see if I can fit them in. Next time I have a recipe for cake which is made with courgettes, so until then, enjoy the sun.

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karen said...

your embroidery is really beautiful. Thanks so much for your comment too, Karen