Thursday, 25 June 2009

Time for a recipe

It has been a while since we had a recipe, so this one is included for those of you suffering from deprivation I wish I could claim the credit for it, but no, this is from Melanie who added the tip about Brandy; clearly she knows a thing or two.


Cumberland Currant Cake Recipe with Short Pastry, Mixed Peel, Currants, Mixed Spice & Sugar.
Short Pastry
Mixed Peel, Minced
Washed Currants
Mixed Spice


Roll Short Pastry into an oblong strip 10 by 20 inches. Cut the strips into two 10 inch squares. Spread one square with washed Currants, undried, and sprinkle with Mixed Peel and Mixed Spice, then with Sugar. Brush the edges with water and cover with the second piece of pastry. Lightly press with a rolling pin, prick with a fork, and bake on a buttered tin in a quick oven (375F / 190C / Mark 5). Cut into four when cold.

Soak the currants first in Brandy or Liqueur for extra flavour.

Melanie also would like to have a demonstration soon on appliqué and its applications. If anyone else is interested in this subject just let me know with details so that I can progress this if at all possible in the near future.

I have done shadow appliqué for City & Guilds embroidery and also have used it on several quilts I have made but there may well be other applications which can be demonstrated too. As a rule I do machine appliqué but I am sure someone will know how to do hand turned as well. For instance one of the rainbow squares I photographed recently ready for sending off in July to the Summer School was hand appliquéd by Sally.

This next square was machine appliquéd by me.

So we may be a small group of embroiderers' but we are not lacking in knowledge or skills and I hope to be showing some more rainbow squares soon.

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