Thursday, 18 June 2009

Time for a change

Hi All,

It was a good workshop today with Cath Norman and I hope you all enjoyed it. I was busy with the Rainbow Squares as today was the last day to hand them in. I will be showing some photos of them as soon as I have uploaded them from the camera and tweeked them a bit. Meanwhile, I have changed some of the blogs in the list as some of them were not being updated frequently. I hope you like the ones I have added instead. If you have some you follow and would like them included let me know. I shall keep changing the list because it will keep this blog fresh, but ones that become your favourites can always be bookmarked by yourselves.

Although we will not be meeting for a couple of months during the summer it does not mean that I will not be updating this blog, infact I have it in mind to improve it with some new ideas. I want to add a better system for displaying photos of your embroideries and I have found just the thing but it needs a bit more work on it.

So until we meet again, have a lovely summer and keep stitching.

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