Saturday, 25 July 2009

Labyrinths and mazes - goodbye Hampton Court

I have just been reading a historical novel by one of my favourite authors, its not often that I settle down for a good read at this time of year, but I have had these books for a few months and thought I can't keep my hands off them much longer. In anycase reading is such a pleasure, I wish I had more time for it. So I have been transported back to Crete and Knossos with it's Bull Ring and Labyrinth with Mary Renault at the helm.. Well I thought I have seen a Rainbow Square which reminds me of a maze so here she is I think this one is by Janet, but correct me if I am wrong.

I always think of Hampton Court when I think of mazes, funny how that links us back to the future and the EG, I wonder where the HQ will end up? Does anyone have an update on the current situation?

Also, while I am pondering, can anyone tell me what happened to Summer? Maybe it will return soon, today is more like Spring, fairly chilly really but I don't believe my new laptop is correct when it says the temp is 47f out there. Centigrade lovers you will have to take a back seat on this blog, sorry this girl is English through and through none of your stuff imposed upon us by Napoleon's ancestors here. Incidentally, I blame Napoleon for a lot of things which are wrong with the world but then I would because he set about reforming France with some stupid ideas which have stuck. I mean fancy driving on the right when he only did it to spite the English. Now everywhere you go they drive on the wrong side of the road.....Thank heavens Scotland is ok or I would never be able to go to my favourite place apart from Keswick. Also what about sticking with feet and inches??? At least in the US they do, so they are sensible sometimes.

Now to business, be sure to look closely at the bloglist because it is updated by me quite often and in it are some real gems. I have just added Diane Gaudynski, yes its true, she has started a blog on blogger just like us. Anyway, she is the best machine quilter in the world, and she does not mind giving tips and tricks at all. So its made my day, no my month.... and if you want any blogs added which you follow, just let me know, enjoy the sun if you can.


Rosalind said...

Brilliant news of Diane G's blog! Her work is fantastic!
It is also good to find local bloggers.:o)

Lyn said...

Good to have a Diane G appreciation society in Cumbria...I think her work is the best.