Thursday, 16 July 2009

More Rainbow Squares

Well I do have some more squares to show you and it seemed a good idea to while away the time...Actually, I am supposed to be doing the accounts for the year end but hey, I get fed up with all those numbers swimming before my eyes, so I need diversions and this is one.

This is a felt square and has been expertly made by Marilyn of the choc and courgette cake fame.

Next we have a lovely square made by Val who is very good at canvaswork

And now for something completely different..

Yes its a Sally Special!

Those of you who know Sally will of course instantly recognise her style. She is always stitching something different and has famously made many 'angels' for Christmas.

So I hope you like the squares and I do have some more if anyone wants to see them just let me know. Meanwhile, its back to the calculator.........aagh

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karen said...

that's it! Brilliant diagnosis! Karen x