Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Beavering away and I finally chose a new book with my EG prize.

Yes, I have a quilt related project on the go, and it is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. No photographs yet because there is not much to see. I had to do a bit of research first and I found that made me want to go to Scotland again. Hopefully, I won't have to wait too long because we may be able to grab a couple of days away in October.

The good news is that the wadding I used in my last quilt (Mathilda's own) is proving to be very warm and light as I have been using the quilt on our bed for a couple of weeks now. I usually wake up a bit too warm. I found it very easy to manipulate under the sewing machine too so that was another plus. Its just as well really because I bought enough to make 3 quilts.

I finally chose a book to purchase with my Embroiderers' Guild £20 I won way back in Spring 09. Its called Crazy Quilting and its by J. Marsha Michler.  The reason I wanted it is because it does contain loads of hand embroidery stitches which are a bit unusual and they can all be applied to quilts. Also she does give loads of ideas about making quilts from scraps in a different and refreshing manner.  You don't have to make a crazy quilt using her techniques either. Lastly, she covers making flowers with silk ribbon embroidery and it is something I have wanted to try out. So I feel as if I have 3 books in one and also it is a spiral book with a hard cover and not too large to tote (5½ x 7½ inches) about to the EG for when I need inspiration!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Recipe for Cumberland Sausage Rolls Plus...

I have not put a recipe on this blog for so long that I am feeling guilty, so I decided to have a change and put on a special.

Well actually its one of our chefs from Keswick, Cumbria where I live. His name is Peter Sidwell and he has just been given a tv series called  'The Lakes on a Plate'.  This is the link to the proggy.  http://www.channel4.com/programmes/lakes-on-a-plate/4od#3120253

But be aware that this is about 25 minutes long because the proggy is not just recipes for sausage rolls, soup, and calzone but a little bit of history about The Lakes too and stunning photography.  You will see Peter go up one of the guided walks which I do as a Mountain Leader and its called Haystacks. It was a favourite of Alfred Wainwright who is one of my heroes.

As it is broadcast on channel4 it does contain some adverts but that is a small intrusion on an otherwise good programme. I hope you enjoy it. One other thing it is only available to view for about another 24 days so if you want to see it don't hang about.

If you just want the sausage rolls recipe try here http://www.channel4.com/food/recipes/chefs/peter-sidwell/sausage-rolls-recipe_p_1.html

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I came 2nd.

I was  quite pleased really as I won this section last year and it was open to men with their wood working crafts and all sorts of things. Anyway, this is the picture of the quilt which I had rotated in my software but which Google keeps rotating back again.... I don't know why it is doing this yet, but I will try and find out.  Also this photo I toned down the colours a bit to what I think the quilt actually looks like.

I came 2nd with my 4 fruit marmalade too, but the good news was I entered one of my machine embroideries which had hand made silk paper for a base and then fishes and undersea weeds and things added and it won first prize! in the embroidery section.... must remember to show you a photo when I find one.

Meanwhile, I have so much to do tonight even though if Linda is reading this I know she is waiting to hear from me. I promise I will email as soon as I can.....

Friday, 10 September 2010

The finished quilt project

I am in a hurry because I have a few things to do tonight so that I can enter the Thornthwaite, Braithwaite and Newlands Home and Garden Show tomorrow. Phew that is a mouthfull, I wonder if they could shorten the title a bit? Anyway, this is the quilt fini apart from an annoying tiny hole I found on the edge of the backing fabric whilst sewing the edge. It can wait though because this has to go on show tomorrow. DH is pleased with it because he likes bright colours and prefers designs which are not too contrived. He went to art college and has a degree in Fine Art so I respect his judgement don't you know.....Also he taught A level art for many years so is used to having his advice followed...... I have taken more photos with my new camera but when I rotate them with my trusty Corel Paint software and then upload them to Blogger,  they are being re rotated back....most frustrating. I never had this problem before but since the new camera its all up the creek. Anyway, I will just have to figure it out later.

I used Mathilda wool and polyester wadding in this quilt and it went together and quilted in my Bernina 1260 like a dream.  I have experimented with bamboo wadding before and it dulled my needles but not this stuff. I only broke one and it was when I caught the quilt on the needle, maybe that is where the hole came from.
Well I must go but will report back on how it did in the little show.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A new camera

This is my first attempt at using a new camera we bought recently for close up images.  I am quite pleased with the result, because it's not easy to photograph a Red Admiral butterfly.  The camera is another Fuji like our other one and it's the FinePix F80 exr.  We chose it because it's a lightweight but powerful one so it's not heavy in the rucksack for our mountain photography but it will still do very good closeups when required for our other interests. The downside is learning how to get the best from it......

This next shot is under two spotlights plus flash and its the back of the quilt I am making. I need to spend more time playing with this camera but also need to finish the quilt, so at the moment I am experimenting with both stitches and lighting. This quilt has a plain cream back but the camera is adding a touch of drama! Anyway, I am hiking again tomorrow and the next day so I can't play anymore today.