Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Last of the Summer flowers

I found this piccie which sums up the last of the summer for you. My neighbour gave me these when he went on holiday last month as a thanks for my DH putting out his dustbin. They smelt divine and the kitchen was a scented heaven for about 3 days until they faded.

I came back from Torridon yesterday where the weather was simply magnificent and sublime to a fairly cool Keswick.  I had expected the weather here to have been very warm too and left my new greenhouse door just a titch open to help the autovents in the roof keep the temperature down only to discover a cat had taken advantage of the gap and squeezed through and left hairs all over my couch.  I was not pleased. So today it was do the washing which was 4 loads in the machine (instead of 3 coz of the cat napping) and all the lines full so that I ran out of pegs. I need to buy some more because Bella likes to chew them.......I often find half chewed and spat out clothes pegs on the lawn, silly dog.

It may seem bizarre, but tomorrow at the EG meeting we are supposed to be making Appliqué Christmas Angels.  I am not sure if I will be able to drum up the necessary enthusiasm for the enterprise, but you never know. If I do manage it and the Angels are worthy, I will post some piccies for you.  Meanwhile, I am more intrigued by what happened to my entries to the show last Saturday because I had a phone message left from Sally which amongst other matters congratulated me on winning a cup... But what for? Was it my marmalade, lemon curd or jam? Or could it have been my quilt or my crewel cushion or even my crewel bird embroidery? Hopefully, I will hear exciting. Only one last problem, who polishes the silver cup? Can't you guess.

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