Sunday, 6 September 2009

Irish Chain Quilt- Give it a name Competition

I made this quilt well over a year ago for the single bed in the small spare bedroom and I have not labelled it or taken a photo of it. I know I am naughty but I was keen to make the bedroom look good after decorating it and pretty exhausted by the time the quilt ended up on the bed and it sort of stayed put. So I need to make it a little label. But what should I call it? I don't know and I am not very good at naming quilts either. So I am asking for ideas, if anyone would like to name the quilt please leave all suggestions as comments or email me them if you prefer. When I work out how to do the voting thingy on Blogger I will let you decide on the name and the winner will receive a prize. It will probably be one of my embroideries, but I will need to decide which one and post a piccie of it. I think I will leave this little competition running for a while as I am going away on Wednesday for a week to Scotland, but I think names need to be in by 21st September. So have a go, it's my first attempt at a competition so I hope you participate.
Here is another shot of the quilt using a colour adjustment system in Corel Paint, I am not sure if the maroon squares which show up the Irish chain are quite the right colour.

This next shot is a close up of the quilt and it has a cute stuffed pig in matching fabric.  Bella had a quick play one day (five months old) and one of the ears needs a few stitches putting back....that's terriers for you.

I made this pillow out of an offcut I found in 'Textiles' St John's St, Keswick and it is very classy stuff, only cost me about £1.50. I wish I could have found more as later that month I saw a similar cushion made of the same blue fabric in Young's Furnishers for about £25. It is surprising what you can find for very little cost when you have a good rummage around in store offcuts boxes. Linton Tweed I mentioned the other day is another case in point where you can sometimes pick up enough tweed to make a pencil skirt for about £5.
I made this cushion cover a few years ago as part of my City and Guilds Stage One Embroidery course. It is my first attempt at 'shadow appliqué' and I was into doves at the time. But it has a quilted heart in the middle so it goes with the hearts on the Irish Chain Quilt.

Lastly, there are a couple of Crewelwork cushions I made from kits supplied here. Phillipa is coming to do some more teaching in October, (see the programme list on the right) but places are limited, so you had better hurry up and book if you want to join in.  I had never done this type of embroidery before and found it all very relaxing, just the type of thing to do in those long cold winter months which seem to drag on forever in February.

Well that is my little spare room and I hope you have inspiration to 'name that quilt'. I may not be able to post again until I come back from Scotland, although I must admit I will miss doing so, I am beginning to really enjoy blogging especially about sewing, quilting and embroidery and of course terrible terriers!

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