Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sorting out the garden

Yesterday and today I made a start on restoring the greenhouse to pristine condition, the garden needs doing as well but DH has been making a good job of clearing away loads of dead leaves and old plant stems. So its coming along and I bought a new vinyl cover for the greenhouse table too and cut it to shape so it all looks clean and tidy. We had our first lunch of the year inside.

Are you sure you plumped up these cushions, woof.
Bella showed a great deal of interest when I replaced the cushions on the Ercol sofa and plumped them up as you can see.

Its much more like spring here at the moment and I have a few more jobs to do like planting seeds or there will be no tomatoes this year. Is it me, or are the cost of seed packets soaring? I could not believe that some of them were nearly £3......

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