Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another look at the workstation

Its going to arrive on Thursday and I am on schedule for tidying up ready for it. The new monitor arrived on Friday and is great, it has already made a difference to my productivity and has made it so much easier to design KR's leaflet for our guided walks.  I am not sure if my arrangement of items will be quite so tidy as the one they show above, but you get the general idea.  As I use a laptop it will sit on the desk pullout bit and fold down when not in use. That means the cpu cupboard on the left might house a spare sewing machine...ha ha.


Alice said...

This looks wonderful! I am envious :-)
I wish I still had that drop leaf table actually, it would be so great for cutting out patterns and such. Do you still have that? I must look out for one.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Sadly no, I miss it, but when the lounge was decorated it had to go. They are handy items though, but the old one was warm when it was on the wood burner Oops...:-)