Thursday, 1 March 2012

Getting my act together

Thinking back to the last couple of weeks, I can't recommend getting the flu, ha ha....

Anyway, all is over and I am nearly A1 again, but need to get the brain cells working as well as the fitness thing so decided to splash out on some new kit.....hmmmm

A monitor so I can see what I am doing when I use my graphics capabilites would help I thought as I have for too long been subjected to a 15 inch laptop screen, not good when 3 years ago I had a really serious monitor for my DTP and stuff. So I have a 23 inch arriving tomorrow. Not an expensive one either but it does seem to be a good screen; at least I spent half of yesterday doing my research. When you live in the country aka Cumbria its difficult to see anything in the flesh except of course sheep....... So pouring over reviews is the only option I have: way back when I was head of computing at a local college it was what I used to do when I had loads of dosh to splash around, (¼ million once I seem to recall.) Anyway, I have only spent £138 so I don't expect it to be an all singing and dancing model but I do expect my screen to double in size and for that I am truly grateful. If the resolution improves enormously too so that I can see what I am doing in my graphics program that will be wonderful. So here is the beast, let me introduce you to......
AOC i2353Fh
This is the link if you want to read the review yourself.

But you would think that was enough.... no I am serious when I say I am getting my act together because what with my interests in quilting and sewing and computers and being a mountain leader, my desk is a tip but not my sewing table which I sorted about 4 years ago.  Now that was a decision which changed my sewing from haphazard to bliss, so I thought about that too. Result, a new desk was also researched and is on its way from Ayrshire in Scotland to me in Keswick, yesssss.

Its a proper desk not what I am using at the moment which is a Heath Robinson affair. So let me show you the beauty.
Its all inside those cupboards, believe me it opens out into a wonderful place for printer, paper, router, keyboard (in my case laptop) and all the rest. I am not sure when it will arrive yet but before it does I have some clearing up to do, can't let it down by introducing it into this room without a mass sort out.

Meanwhile, my other jobs are pressing, i.e. the button on KR guided walks which is supposed to launch some script and go to an online booking system is not working yet so I have work to do.


Alice said...

That's nice! Looking forward to seeing your new workstation.

Lyn Armstrong said...

So am I, its going to arrive in approx 10 days they said. Gives me time to sort this mess out and play with the monitor which arrives tomorrow.

BilboWaggins said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better now. The new desk looks wonderful, know exactly what you mean about desks being a mess!

Sorry not to have complimented you before on the crewel work, it's quite gorgeous and a reminder that I have not touched my piece for well over a year :{

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes the desk does look good, I hope it remains that way. My last crewel piece is still on the board, oh dear.