Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kenwood capers

A dismal scene
I had been meaning to post for ages and then all hell seemed to break out last week when my beloved Kenwood Chef mixer of 27 years devoted service broke whilst making the daily bread...I had bought this dream machine back in 1984 and it had been touch and go if I could afford it back in those days. I had to convince myself that it was worth the money and I was right at the time.  Imagine my horror when it broke, because I can't do without it.

How did the local paper get in there?
So after researching the latest models I came up with the one above. They have not changed the design very much because it is so well made.  I did opt to buy the one with the glass liquidiser this time as I intended to keep the old acrylic one anyway as a backup and for DH who always makes soups with loads of turmeric in them and they stain so......The only real difference is that this model has a larger motor than my previous one and also does not have a medium speed attachment outlet, but I never used that anyway so I don't suppose it matters. I do use the top fast outlet for the liquidiser and sometimes the slow front outlet for a cream maker.

It's quite heavy
I have another attachment which peels potatoes but had never really bothered with it, but as I was playing with my new toy all last week I decided to give it a go. Hey it peels potatoes and leaves them as roughly rounded shapes. Next I popped them into my trusty Remoska and the result 40 minutes later was what you see below. I hasten to add that DH was away in Scotland in his tent doing 6 remote hills (I could not go as my foot is not completely healed yet) so I unfortunately had to eat all of these myself ;-)
These were simplicity itself

Meanwhile I have been resisting the temptation to try and make a cake so far but I think it will be soon.......


Miriam Weaver said...

Oh No! I'd be lost if my Kenwood broke, the new model looks lovely. Hope your foot mends soon.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes, the new model is lovely and the new flexible k beater was used today for the first time and made 'Sachertorte'; piccie to follow if any is left that is. Also thanks for your support over the foot, it is mending but much slower than I can stand, forgive the pun.....

Alice said...

lucky Dad is there to help you eat the sachertorte eh? ;-)