Sunday, 29 May 2011

Comments still not working

Hi all, I am beginning to be neurotic about this as I now cannot make any comments work, I just tried leaving a comment on the site and it would not work and I also tried leaving one on another blog and that did not work either. What is going on?

I know blogger crashed the other week and loads of blogs could not be used for days but should that mess up comments?  The only other change on my blog is I updated my browser to IE v 9.

So is it all a Microsoft blunder I wonder? Also my Skype has stopped working too. I need to look into all of this but not today.


Miriam Weaver said...

Hello Lyn,strange how others can comment on your blog! A couple of weeks ago I couldn't log into my blog, I wasn't sure how long it had been out of action, I'd been away for a week. Reading other blogs it appears that lots of others are having problems. It's really frustrating!

Lyn Armstrong said...

All is well with comments, I fixed the problem.