Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Teaching tomorrow

Well I have my teaching aids ready now and I made up 16 silk purse kits too. That actually took much longer than I planned, don't know why but the Mulberry silk fought back when I gently eased the tops apart to make up smaller batches. The Tussah silk gave way without a murmer in contrast, but its all made up into batches for the purses now....I also finished the lampshade but I am keen to make another one because I think I can make a better job of it. The silk paper was fine but having to make a frame for the shade was always a long shot and when I made up the shade I had to tug it into shape a bit and a tiny bit of the soldering gave way.

I spoke to DH and he said that 'soft solder' could always be a problem so the result is the shade is a touch wonky. I can live with it but we both agreed that what I really needed was lamp shade frames. But I don't see anyone in the UK doing them anymore in a good variety of shapes and sizes. It's ok in the USA and I wish I was in Palm Springs sometimes because you could find anything you wanted near there except of course a fabric shop......and the climate was divine..droool, oops better stop day dreaming.

So I need to do some scouting around and find out where is the best place for lampshade frames or I need to visit thrift shops again and buy up old ones cheap. But I am going to make another lampshade because its bugging me now.

I will take photos tomorrow and post them up as soon as I can, but the website I am designing is back on the agenda for Friday so I am a busy bee at the mo. No time to clean the fridge which had an accident with a beer bottle last week and their is brown sticky in the bottom............

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