Saturday, 13 February 2010

More purses finished

I have made another two purses ready for my class on Thursday at Threlkeld, but no photos yet as I think I will keep them as a surprise on the day. I am really looking forward to taking this class as I like teaching and don't get to do it so much now that I am no longer lecturing full time like I used to.

The lampshade is still being worked on because it has taken longer to dry the fire retardant than I expected and every now and then I go and give it another coat to make sure. I am also very busy at the moment getting all the programme ready and the website for my summer occupation leading walks out on the mountains of Lakeland.

I look forward to Tuesday night (Shrove Tuesday)because I love making pancakes.. and I usually make some savoury ones to eat first followed by plain ones with lemon and mascarpone or something similar. Bella is a big fan of pancakes too and I usually make her a small one of her own. So have a good weekend and I will try and finish all my projects and show them to you soon.

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