Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another purse made at the workshop

I was sent a photo of Marilyn's purse which she finished after the workshop, its stunning, so neat, but then she is an expert felter so silk paper making was a doddle for her. I am so glad it worked out ok and love the way she changed the fastening just slightly from my idea. If anyone else sends photos I will post them too as I think they are very pretty. I heard from our Secretary of the Keswick EG yesterday that she has finished her purse too and wants to make some more so who knows what I might have started. We are having our annual exhibition at the Moot Hall in Keswick Market Square on 2nd July and it will be great if more purses are finished and put on display then, I shall be right chuffed. The purse was made by laying down dyed Tussah silk and then it had throwsters waste (Stef Francis) added on top, with tiny snippets of 22 carat gold leaf added in next and then a tiny amount of Tussah again to keep the sandwich together; the resultant paper was embroidered when dry with french knots and the fastening added. Then a lining was pinned to the inside and the whole thing blanket stitched up the sides to make the purse and across the front opening (inside the purse) and the front flap.

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