Sunday, 7 February 2010

Doesn't time fly when your having fun

I have been making more examples of silk paper ready for the workshop I am giving our EG group this month. So first up I decided to play with some 'Throwsters Waste' and this was the result.

I added tiny snippets of 22 carat gold leaf the sort used by artists and the result really did please me. Then I had an idea, because the paper was very finely made with small gaps in its composition, I decided to back it with gold lamé so that it would glint through the little holes. The effect was magical and the whole piece sprang to life.

Next I made the paper into a small purse which does up in a style I have seen on old medieval leather pouches. You add a simple button and then place a 'thong' above it which you wind once around the button to hold it in place; simple but effective. So this is the little purse after I lined it with some matching felt.

I still have not finished the lampshade from my previous post. I know I said I would do it last weekend, but I simply could not get round to it. It is sitting accusingly on my work table as I type. But I will be confronting it soon because I want to show off the lamp next Wednesday when friends are coming round in the evening, so I had better go now.....

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