Monday, 13 March 2017

A holiday quilt

We went on holiday to Berwickshire at the end of February for 6 nights and stayed in a lovely cottage called The Watch Cottage.
Our home from home

As we do not have a television at home (not for the last 16 years) we always ignore these black boxes when they appear in cottages.  So we took our usual hobbies, he took his modelling; 0 Gauge Railway engine kit he is making and I took my little portable Brother sewing machine.
The evenings were spent doing our thing and we both had a good break.  I took over the small kitchen table and he had the dining room one with the wonderful view over the sea.  Anyway, the resulting blocks are as you see below.  It is of  course a simple 9 patch as I did not want to try anything complicated on holiday but I think the resulting quilt will be good.  I am working on sewing all the blocks together this week.  I have left the medallion quilt for the moment but will return to it once this little one is complete.

9 patch quilt

By the way the hiking around Berwickshire is great and the coastal paths are special, so too are the interesting rocks on the way.

Lovely weather in Berwickshire for early March but very windy.
We visited the local church at Whitekirk and it has an interesting copy of a charter but you will need to brush up your Latin to read it.  The interesting thing of course is the signatories who could not write their names so they used crosses shown at the bottom.

Well I hope you enjoy this little reminder of our holiday and I will be back soon with piccies of the finished 9 patch.  If you are 'across the pond' you will find the village of Cove which is where the cottage is to the right of that huge metropolis called Edinburgh, just follow the coastline until you see a village called Cockburnspath which is pronounced Copath and Cove is on the coast above it.

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