Sunday, 20 October 2013

Oops stung by a wasp on the big toe

Just as I was about to empty the compost bin I felt a pain on my toe......

Anyway, as I now have a swollen big toe my afternoon plans have changed and I am sitting at my computer instead of doing other things...

So how about looking at some photos of Take 5 at our recent Quilter's Guild Regional Day.


There are five members of Take 5 naturally and they are as follows:-

Debbie Wooley, Chris Gash, Margaret Boughton, Carolyn Madden and Sheila Jackson





They made a lovely, stunning display and I presume the idea was that they were sort of Journal Quilts?

Thank you ladies.


Rosalind said...

Lovely display of quilts!

Ouch to the wasp stings!I once went over a wasps' nest, built under the grass,with the lawn mower! I ended up with forty odd stings around lower legs. They don't half itch don't they?

Miriam Weaver said...

Oouch painful, hope it goes down soon!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Much better today thank you both.