Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Quilt Snuggles

Domestic bliss for some .....

Well it has turned cold in Cumbria so I suppose it was inevitable that Bella would sneak onto the new quilt on the bed and snuggle in.  We have had 3 quilts layered on this week to keep out the cold.  I much prefer piling them on to the idea of a duvet and hate having to go away because we always find thick unwieldy duvet's on the beds at hotels.  We did find one exception this year though when we were in Wales.  Yes, it was a duvet but it was a duck feather one and it was comfy, so there are some which I can tolerate.

I am busy making things at the moment but some of them can't be shown or the surprise I intend will be spoilt.  There is the usual round of sewing parties to attend and most of them require a hand made gift of some sort so it is a busy time for me.  I also bought a new computer today because my DH has been so good and patient waiting for a replacement for his very old Dell which he must have had over 8 years now.  It is on its last legs and beginning to drive us both mad because it keeps doing stupid things and is so slow........  Anyway, the plan is for me to give him mine which is only a year old and for me to have the new one, that way I can help him to familiarise himself with mine because I know how it is all set up and I can customise it for him whilst we wait for the new one to be built and tested.  I now buy computers from a firm where there is an actual man on the end of the phone whom I can speak to and where they are built to order and to specifications I consider to be important i.e. loads of ram. 

Well it seems to me to be a good idea to take him a nice cold beer.....

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