Saturday, 26 June 2010

Keswick Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition - Friday 2nd July

3 years ago I made this banner to hang outside the Moot Hall in Keswick on the day of our exhibition and I just took it out of storage and checked it was still ok because I need to use it again next Friday 2nd July for our new exhibition.  So if any of you want to see what Keswick EG ladies have been up to this last 3 years then make a note of the following:-

Moot Hall, Keswick Market Square, 2nd July from 10am until 4pm. Entrance FREE

On show will be all the many interesting items we have made including my award winning Wainwright Quilt and some of my silk purses from my workshop I ran in the Spring.

There will be hand made items for sale and also refreshments i.e. homemade biscuits and cakes.

I do hope you can come in for a chat as we are a small friendly group who love talking about our creations.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Another stunning shot of Skye

I know I should be doing my quilt and my other sewing projects for 'stitch&bake' but I have not had the luxury of sewing time lately. So I thought to hell with it, post another photo of Skye, and here it is, at least it's dramatic......

The Embroiderers' Guild exhibition is on the 2nd July and I have still loads to do but the main objective today was to finish writing a 5 day diary for Radio Cumbria and then go down to the Keswick Studio and record it. I was up at 6ish and typing madly to try and finish the diary and I had it done by 10am, then it was off to the studio to read it out at 12am. Anyway, they like what they hear because I have been asked to do another one soon. My latest broadcast will be the week after next and my DH's will be next week. If you are interested in hearing the ramblings about our adventures in Scotland then go to our other blog where you will find the link to listen to the recordings.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Skye ~ Black Cuillins in sunshine are stunning but at 3000 feet just magical

This is a photo of a perfect day on the island of Skye off Scotland. I have just climbed a peek called Am Basteir and I am feeling elated.....The views are the most beautiful you will see anywhere in the world. Rugged rocks all around and sheer drops too but also distant shores and beaches. I climbed 12 Munros in 6 days and I have very sore fingertips to prove it. So sore infact that I have cuts on them still from the Gabbro rock which at times is like small pieces of glass embedded in the rock; not funny. Anyway, I wanted to explain that it will be a couple of days before they heal well enough for me to quilt without saying 'ouch' all the time. I am only just able to type tonight as yesterday I could not even do that without pain. But I am not complaining as the 6 days we had there will live with me forever as the most memorable time I ever experienced in the mountains. It never stays sunny and calm on Skye for 6 full days, so why did it when I was there? I can only say that I seem to have been given a reward or an award or something.......lucky is the phrase which comes to mind.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ice Cream Week

I heard on Radio Cumbria this morning that it is ice cream week and as the sun is shining at the moment it seemed a good idea to make some.  The only trouble is that I am going to Skye on Friday for 6 days to climb some more mountains so we need to eat it all quickly, but that is not a bad idea....

My Philips Ice Cream Maker (above) needs it's disc putting in the freezer for about 24 hours to get really cold. So I will have to leave it in the freezer compartment of my fridge until tomorrow. (I don't have a freezer.) Meanwhile I have just put some rhubarb on to stew so I can try a recipe I found today on the web. Here is the website which seems to be the place to find loads of inspiration for yummy recipes.

There is also a blog here

Bella loves it when I make ice cream and she hangs around in the kitchen with her nose in the air sniffing away. I hope she can wait until tomorrow....