Saturday, 12 June 2010

Skye ~ Black Cuillins in sunshine are stunning but at 3000 feet just magical

This is a photo of a perfect day on the island of Skye off Scotland. I have just climbed a peek called Am Basteir and I am feeling elated.....The views are the most beautiful you will see anywhere in the world. Rugged rocks all around and sheer drops too but also distant shores and beaches. I climbed 12 Munros in 6 days and I have very sore fingertips to prove it. So sore infact that I have cuts on them still from the Gabbro rock which at times is like small pieces of glass embedded in the rock; not funny. Anyway, I wanted to explain that it will be a couple of days before they heal well enough for me to quilt without saying 'ouch' all the time. I am only just able to type tonight as yesterday I could not even do that without pain. But I am not complaining as the 6 days we had there will live with me forever as the most memorable time I ever experienced in the mountains. It never stays sunny and calm on Skye for 6 full days, so why did it when I was there? I can only say that I seem to have been given a reward or an award or something.......lucky is the phrase which comes to mind.

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