Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The summit of Hellvelyn with our victorious charity walkers

I have been busy this last week and it was not sewing which is taking a back seat at the moment because of that four letter word - work.

I don't mind when the clients are really good sorts and also buy a meal afterwards. In this case it was an Indian in Ambleside as that is the way they always celebrate when they have raised more money for charity. Yes I was out guiding a group of people up Striding Edge and the Fairfield Horseshoe who were all excited at the prospect of completing the climbs so they could raise lots of money for their charity challenge. I was so impressed with them that I donated too. Bella came as well and we spent one night in a wild camp at Patterdale with a special marquee set up for a BBQ. Now Bella loves anything to do with grilled fish or burgers so this was right up her street....

It was also very well presented and cooked by Dan and Dan who work with the owner (Peter Sidwell) of the 'Good Taste' Cafe/Deli in Keswick. On a personal note I can highly recommend the Wild Boar Burgers! and the salad with the mango in it was delicious. Well done lads..........

The weather was kind to us last Wed and Thurs too so it all went off smoothly. This next shot shows Striding Edge in all it's magnificent glory just after we had ascended the difficult section. Once over this we had quite a long way still to go; 22k eventually was our final total that day and all from an early rise at our wild camp!

Just incase you thought they would have to camp wild a second night, let me reassure you. After we finished the challenge they were all safely installed here. Now I can honestly say that it does not get much better than the Low Wood Hotel and the rooms are lovely. If you wonder how I know, well ask Bella what it is like :-)

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