Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good News - Bad News

The good news is that after searching for days on the internet, I think I have finally found a campervan converter who has a van that might suit us. We decided to look for a van after our camping trip in May to Tyndrum in Scotland when it was soooooo cold the tent froze over for 4 nights running, this caused us so much discomfort that we thought it was time to go for a little luxury in our lives, hence the van idea.

The photo above is of one of their conversions and it looks superb. We needed a firm who were not too far away and I found them in Bolton Lancashire and this is their site.

I will get DH to contact them tomorrow and see what he can glean.

The bad news is that I am itching like mad at the mo. No it's not midges again, I have broken out in a rash of very small itchy spots on my hands, arms, back and even my face......It started yesterday morning so I rang the surgery and was re located to Q Doc or whatever it is.....The nurse was very patient and asked me loads of questions but simply said I had either a viral infection or had an allergic reaction to something. In either case I was to take some anti histamine. Well I have bought some and I am doing as she said but the itching is miserable and more spots arrived today....It's worse than midge bites because at least you know what they are and what causes them.....The trouble is that they are distracting my attention from other jobs and so hence the internet hunt for a campervan, it took my mind off them for a while. I hope they go away soon.

Meanwhile on a happier note I was sent this photo of a view from the pool by DD in Palm Springs, I wish I could be in it and soothing my bumps........

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