Sunday, 14 March 2010

UK Mothers Day?

We don't do Mother's Day in our house, never did even when she was small and over here. So I thought it might be fun to turn the tables around and give something to her today. I know she likes fabric and is still on a huge learning curve with the sewing machine I bought her for Christmas, (thanks to Sears a wonderful shop in the US whose customer service rep Mia was patient and kind when I rang and said I'm in the UK and trying to buy a sewing machine for my DD in America.)

This is the best new addition to my blog list in a long time and its all about fabric. So this is it - check out this amazing site:-

Meanwhile, I have not had time to post up the recipes I promised but I have not forgotton, I just need to clear up a few jobs and then I can make some Lemon curd and Marmalade again, and I need it as it keeps being loaded onto toast every morning by a certain person....


Alice said...

EEk..! Happy Mothers Day! I knew that was coming up too, and then I spaced out. Anyway, true-up is great isn't it? Hope you have a lovely day, I am shopping for socks! xxxxxx :D :D

Lyn Armstrong said...

I am still slaving at the embroidery machine, but I now have many KR badges..phew. I love socks too, you must have got that from me. I really enjoy the Smartwool socks I wear in my big boots up the fells. Yes socks are so good for the ego! Not to mention the feet....... I would love to shop where you are today........jealous mum xxx