Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Busy is not the word

Don't know what happened to the 'things to do list' last week, but I know not many were ticked off. I have been struggling a bit with digitising a design for my jacket. As some of you know my other blog is about my job as a Keswick Rambles Mountain Leader.  Well I put my big foot in it when I offered to make a badge for us to wear for publicity purposes. I must say that I don't use Embird enough (embroidery machine software) I  bought it about 5 years ago when I bought my Janome 300e and although at the time I enjoyed it, have found lately that I have been having more fun with quilting and freehand machine embroidery. So the Janome has been on the back boiler and so has Embird digitising software. Well this week it was in at the deep end. I ended up doing 4 designs before one of them looked as if it would do. I am still sure I can do better, but hey with the guided walks starting on 28th March and the programme still to desktop publish and print, I am rather beyond caring.

So I thought I would let you see the struggle I had, as I bet you love to see things going wrong as well as right, am I right? Top left was my abysmal first effort, no good was my verdict. Too fiddly trying to put the boot prints on the top of the lettering too. Bottom right was better but still the lettering did not jump out. So Top right was my 3rd attempt, better I thought and the colour is coming on ok but some of the letters could be improved upon. So Bottom left was my 4th go, not bad but hardly professional.  However, as I said, once on the jacket it probably won't look too bad and I will at least have some sort of an advert on me. So I am going to cut this one out and attach it to my old black jacket, now reduced to gardening coat and see if it will pass muster.

I might do some more and make them larger, I wonder if Bella fancies a couple of badges attached to her coat?

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