Friday, 27 November 2009

Lounge yesterday

Bella is inconsolable, her favourite has just wizzed off down into Keswick to 'Lakeland Decor' once again on a mission of great importance which does not involve terriers! She has decided to keep watch and will not turn round for the camera despite all my entreaties... You can see the state of play, I spent the rest of the day wallpapering with grade 1200 lining paper from the left of the window, (yes I found an old book which told me the order of wallpapering to avoid seeing the seams). You start at the window and work round to the largest wall then stop: restart from the window going the other way and join up again, simple.

I did the first half to the longest wall yesterday and stopped myself about 5 pm tired but winning. The mission he was on turned out ok as he was buying a 'test' sample of emulsion for the walls and when I applied it to a piece of A4 paper and went round the room checking it in various places we both decided it was an ok colour; phew that was a relief, no disagreements there then. So I must now do the other two walls, no time to waste for blogging.


BilboWaggins said...

Love the picture of Her Ladyship standing guard (OK, sitting guard) at the window.

Good luck with the decorating, not one of my favourite jobs

Lyn Armstrong said...

Managed to finish papering and just time then to go and se HRH turn on the lights. Bought some superb Thai Chicken soup from the Thai stall run by 'Star of Siam' and went home and wolfed it with Spring Rolls, Yum.