Sunday, 4 October 2009

Off to Braemar

I am going away for a few days but hope to see some of you at the Phillipa Turnbull workshop when I return.  I must say I am looking forward to doing some crewelwork again.  It must be over a year since I did any, hope I can remember long and short stitch!

Meanwhile, the piccie is a special one for Jayne who is coming to the workshop and I am looking forward to meeting you. The Morso piccie was taken one or two years ago at a special season of the year which shall remain unmentioned as 'it's too early yet!' Anyway, Jayne has had her wood burning stove going at Bag End I hear, so this is a piccie of mine in all it's glory.

Next up is my lovely little Bella looking so cute, and this piccie is more for me and Jayne as I know she misses Ollie (hope I spelt that right) and I will miss Bella whilst away so I need a piccie on my pc I can look at fondly....

Well take care all of you until I return from my adventures, the attempt is to go up some remote mountains in Scotland and we can't take Bella coz we need mountain bikes and she has not learnt how to ride one yet.

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BilboWaggins said...

Aww Lyn, thank you! I am very surprised and touched by this post. Your Morso does look lovely blazing away like that, is it a Squirrel? That is one of the models we considered.

Bella looks wonderful and I am sure will enjoy her holiday back with her mum and brother. Look forward to meeting you both soon (it's OK, I know she won't be at the workshop!

PS: Yes, you spelt Ollie correctly.