Thursday, 15 October 2009

Comfort zones

Well you could call it zones I am familiar with and not too clever at.  The first piccie is taken in very wintry conditions last week when I was just coming down from a Munro in the Cairngorms, which shall remain nameless to you as you probably won't know how to pronounce it anymore than I can.  It was Ben something or other. I am getting on with the job of leaving the top as fast as I could because it was freezing fog up there....You can just see me in my dayglo blue jacket in the middle bottom of the piccie.

So the thought of doing some crewelwork embroidery this morning was like light relief in some ways but I always have to think hard before I do any hand stitching (my sewing machine is my best friend) so it was good to be inside in the warm and hard to be doing laid and couched work.  However, I have to say that Phillipa Turnbull is such a good teacher because she really works hard and her enthusiasm is boundless....that even I could not mess this up.

So here is the first stage of the work and I hope to be adding to it over the next few days or even weeks if I don't manage to find some spare time... I did add some Rope stitch after this photo was taken so the work has progressed a bit more. I wish I could sit and sew some more on it tomorrow but I can't because I am taking a guided walk up Haystacks. Also DH has just informed me that there is no bread in the house, and as I make all of our bread (most of the time anyway) I now need to rush into the kitchen so I have to say bye for now.

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