Thursday, 30 April 2009

Regional Day Piccies

Hi Everyone,

Well what a super day I had last Saturday, and judging from the rest of you glimpsed at odd moments during the hectic setting up and then the speakers and the stalls, you all seemed to be very happy and enjoying yourselves. I would say it was a great success and many thanks are due to all the organisers and helpers, you know who you are, so thank you very much.

I was sent some pictures by Janet Wilde who made the beautiful outfit below for her Access course, as I did not have enough time to take many myself, so without more ado I thought you might like to see our stand again in a bit more detail.

I hope I have not left anyone out because I would hate to not do justice to your superb embroidery. It seems a good idea to me to have a regular exhibition of our work every two years, but let me know what you think about this. We could hire the Moot Hall again and it always seems to attract new members to our ranks.

Of course I had better admit that I also have a feather in my bonnet at the mo, because you know that I won 2nd prize in the Rose Bowl competition and already I have been asked by a lady I met in the bus queue whilst waiting to go up Great Gable last Sunday, who is a member from outside our region, if I would post photos of my entry. Well no sooner requested than done, so this is for the anonymous lady I met waiting for the 77A.

I do have some more detailed photos of 'Alfred Wainwright' which I might post later. Meanwhile, it is all excitment here today because I have just ordered the greenhouse of my dreams......... It has cost an arm and a leg......... If anyone knows of a person needing a 9 year old Elite High Eave 6 x 8 it will be going to make room for this in forest green. Wow a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse, I have had the catalogue for 2 years...waiting for the moment.


Lesley said...

Congratulations, Lyn, on your prizewinning entry, and to everyone on a successful day. It all seemed to go very quickly. Both speakers were entertaining, and I thought Maggie Grey was inspirational, with all those ideas and techniques. I have since joined her 'Workshop on the Web', which has tutorials on a wide range of aspects of stitch and design. Well worth a look at the taster pages. (www.workshoponthe

Keith & Liz said...

Just looked at your site and really liked your work. Thanks
Liz - I was waiting for the 77A at Keswick

Lyn said...

Well you would not like the weather here today Liz, its pelting down and blowing a gale, but it was nice to meet you. I hope you call back to the blog now and then and say hello.